Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Weekend

So we decided to do some "recon" and check out the areas that Deborah will be using here at MD Anderson. We learned that MD Anderson is part of a bigger, unique medical complex called the Texas Medical Center. They have been involved in medical research and treatment for over 60 years. We thought this area of Houston was the "downtown" because of all the tall buildings and parking structures, but as we drove and walked through the area more we realized that ALL the buildings were medical buildings of some sort. For example, there is the Ben Taub General Hospital, the Methodist Hospital, the Texas Children's Hospital, the St. Luke's Episcopal Hospital, the Texas Heart Institute, the Baylor College of Medicine, the University of Houston College of Pharmacy, the University of Texas Medical School and Dental School, the University of Texas School of Nursing, and multiple clinics, medical office buildings, etc. And in addition there is the MD Anderson Cancer Center complex which includes the Main Building, where all the outpatient procedures and tests and treatments are done, the hospital itself where the inpatient care is given, the Radiation Therapy Center, and the Rotary House which is a hotel to accomodate the MD Anderson patients and their families. We limited our pictures to some of the MD Anderson sites.

The 'Main Building"

The entrance to the hospital

A view of two of the three towers of the hospital

The skywalk that goes from the Main building to the Rotary House
We felt a little like tourists, especially when a nice man asked if he could take the photo so we could both be in it!  The Rotary House is a nice hotel that is owned by the MD Anderson folks and managed by the Marriott corp. This is where Deborah will be staying for the seven days after her surgery to recover enough to travel. They had some performing groups scheduled to perform throughout the day today and there were lots of people in the lobby enjoying the entertainment.

We attended church at the Hermann Park Ward this morning and we hit the jackpot (can you use that term regarding a church service??) of all Christmas programs! We enjoyed their Christmas Sacrament Meeting which was a musical program including a choir, a quartet, a bell choir, a French Horn, a flute, a violin and a cello. Wow! It was fabulous. The Bishop spoke to us afterward and mentioned that they had some incredible musical talent in their ward. That was an understatement. A very uplifting day and we were grateful to feel the Christmas Spirit in such a powerful way.

Just want to send out a thank you to all of you who have called or sent messages and to all of you who are praying for Deborah. She feels your prayers and your love.


  1. Dear Kelly,

    Thank you for posting this blog. For those of us here in Phoenix who love Deborah, it is a way to keep in touch and find out how she is doing. She is truly blessed to have you by her side through this challenging ordeal.

    with love,
    Kathy Rojas

    Dear, dear Deb,

    My heart is so full I can hardly "talk" to you. Know this - you are in the prayers of many, many people, those you know - and those you don't. We admire your remarkable spirit and attitude. And by golly - if anyone can get through this - you can! We think of you every day, wonder how you are doing often, and pray for you always.

    love, xoxoxoxoxoxo

  2. Deb, I am sending lots of prayers your way. love you, deanne