Sunday, December 19, 2010

Post op Days 1 and 2

Deborah is progressing well since her surgery. She remains in the PACU transitional unit because there has not been another room open up. Apparently the hospital has been extra busy just now before the holidays. They did 75 surgeries the day after Deb's! Anyway, she likes this room and the nurses have been superb. They like Deborah because she is kind and she is a good patient. She does everything she is supposed to with a cheerful attitude.

This is Joan.

This is Mercy.

Dave wanted to include his 'artistic' shot of the critical fluids and medications, with the assorted pumps.

Paul is faithfully at Deb's side from early morning til late at night with a couple breaks for food.

This is Rajamma.

Deborah is progressing as expected and maybe even a little ahead of schedule. She has noticed the pain increasing a little bit as she moves more, and she has had some bouts of nausea, but there is medication that controls that pretty well. Post op day 1 was pretty much just a stay in bed and try to sleep day, but day 2 saw Deborah out of bed and actually walking a lap around the nursing station. She said it felt so good to be out of bed and moving her legs. She is able to take clear liquids now. The pain is pretty well controlled. So she is doing great and taking everything in stride. She is grateful for the wonderful care she is receiving and for all of your prayers and kind thoughts.  


  1. I was anxious for an update, so glad to hear all is progressing well. Don't you just love nurses...

  2. Nurses are angels :) Deborah you look great! Sending love....xoxoxoxox Kathy

  3. I was thinking how good Deb looks, too! Smiling and beautiful. And you would be a wonderful patient to take care of. Olivia prayed tonight that you would be out of the hospital in time for Christmas. Keep up the strong work and positive attitude!

  4. We miss you. Get stronger and better soon. Jeri and family

  5. Deb, you are a miracle girl! Daryl and I are so grateful that you are doing well, and that your prognosis is excellent. You are dear to us, and to everyone who knows you: You are filled with light, laughter, and love. You and your family are deserving of Heaven's kindest blessings. It will be lovely to see you comfortably settled back in your home.
    With our love and friendship,
    Karly and Daryl