Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Day Before Surgery

Today was known as "pre-op" day. Deborah had lots of appointments--beginning with more blood work, an EKG, appointments with the surgeon Jean-Nicole Vauthey, his assisting surgeon Dr. Robert Roses, and the anesthesiologists. A long, but informative process. Maybe a little too informative for Deborah as they explained what would happen tomorrow step by step with plenty of (gory) details.

From everything we have read and what we have been told by the support staff here, we understand that Dr. Vauthey is really a pioneer and worldwide specialist in the surgical treatment of liver cancer, and very skilled at what he does. So grateful for that!  Dr. Vauthey again expressed his belief that Deborah's cancer is a non aggressive type, that she has a very LOW possibility of recurrence, and a HIGH probability of sailing through the surgery and recovery without complications. He said her surgery is called an "extended hepatectomy". They will be leaving 30% of Deborah's liver volume which is plenty for regeneration.
This is Dr. Roses, who is a general surgeon doing his fellowship with Dr. Vauthey, to learn the trade (of liver surgery) so to speak. He will be in the operating room assisting with the surgery. He also told us he will be checking on her several times a day after surgery, along with Dr. Vauthey. Dr. Roses also stressed that he is available basically 24 hours/day if anything comes up. We are to have the nurses call him if we are worried about anything. He also seemed very capable and was able to answer all our questions very clearly and compassionately. We feel Deborah is in the best possible hands.

Paul and David arrived last night and were able to attend the appointments today and ask some questions. Deborah and I are so happy to have them here and feel their support and love. They were able to give her a Priesthood blessing tonight which greatly comforted her.
Please add your prayers for her tonight and in the days to come.


  1. Deb, I am going to the Seattle Temple today and will put your name on the prayer roll. Brad and I got our yearbooks out and looked at all of your cute high school photos. Sending lots of prayers for you, your family, the nurses, and doctors. much love, deanne and brad

  2. Oops, my daughter is here for Christmas and was signed in to my account. The above comment is from me. deanne