Saturday, December 25, 2010

Post op Day 6

 Some of the pretty flowers decorating her room.
Deborah is still plugging along, taking walks whenever she can. The pain is in pretty good control and the nausea is at bay today. She is having some problems with fluid retention. They weighed her today and she was up 20 lbs of fluid since the day of admission! This was a little discouraging to hear since she has been eating nothing and at least thought she might lose a couple pounds. We have assured her that by the time this fluid is gone, she will be down a few! 

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  1. Recovery is so fun. Fluid shifting, lack of appetite, nausea, and weight gain! Yes, it does seem very unfair. Keep walking, because soon you will have to be running to train for the marathon that you are supposed to run after the partial liverectomy (whatever the technical name for it is).