Monday, December 27, 2010

Post op Days 8, 9, 10, 11

Dave and I left Houston on Christmas Eve to come to Utah. Merry Christmas Deborah, Paul, and Jared! Marie, Annie and Will, along with the rest of the family missed you terribly, but were so happy that the three of you could be together and sorry that it had to be in the hospital. We look forward to a regular, old, healthy Christmas next year, celebrated with the whole family together!!

Reports from Houston (from Paul and Jared) tell us that Deborah is making slow, steady progress. The fluid retention is slowly dissipating, the blood pressure and heart rate are much improved. Deb is more mobile and is eating regular food in small amounts. Just a few more minor adjustments and she will be ready to discharge to the hotel.

 A bit of good news from the pathology report I forgot to mention is that they did not find any 'vascular invasion' by the tumors. That is great news!

The nuclear scan is still scheduled for tomorrow, the 28th--post op day 12--and will continue on the 29th. So please keep Deborah in your prayers. And some prayers for the docs would be appreciated too! We want to find that sneaky little tumor and get rid of it!!

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  1. Thanks, Kelly, for keeping up this blog on Deb's progress. I read it every chance I get! My family's prayers are with Deborah and your family. Take care, all, and let's have a much better New Year! Love, Marsha Fryer