Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Post op Days 3,4, and 5

Deborah finally moved out of the PACU transitional unit on Sunday. The hospital has been full but finally a room opened up for her on the surgical unit. She is on the 7th floor now.

The last 3 days have been kind of like one long day for Deborah consisting of lots of time in bed trying to rest, some time walking the hall around the nurses station, some time sitting in the chair beside the bed, an occasional TV show just for the benefit of her visitors, twice daily visits from the doctors, frequent visits from the nurses, daily (at least) blood draws, and hourly attempts to beat her own record on the incentive spirometer.

These days have not been easy for Deb due to a persistent and progressive nausea that makes it difficult for her to take in the amount of food and fluid that would make her feel stronger. They think the culprit may be the pain medication she has been receiving at a low consistent dose, and that she has been able to administer extra doses of to herself (using the magic button) for breakthrough pain. So about an hour ago, they replaced the narcotic pain medication with a 'numbing' medication similar to Novacaine. And no more magic button. We are hopeful that this will control the pain and reduce the nausea.

So please continue to keep Deb in your prayers and thanks to those of you who have sent such pretty flowers. They are beautiful and really add some cheer to her room.


  1. What a good patient with the incentive spirometer! Good girl! Keep it up, it's really unfun if you don't. I hope they get the nausea under control, while controlling the pain. Keep up the good work!

  2. Know that we are cheering for you. Jeri and family

  3. You are in our prayers! You look wonderful.
    Lauren Waldrom Willis

  4. Dang nausea - hope they get it under control. Way to go with the spirometer! You are in our prayers. xoxoxo Kathy